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Debt Recovery

We specialize in the collection of commercial receivables including contract negotiation, account investigations and asset recovery.

Our collection work starts within 24 hours of placement of any account. An in-house investigator coordinates with private investigation and local counsel to take a snapshot of the business and initiate an asset and liability investigation. In an effort to determine the ability to pay, the following business contacts may be used to make a proper evaluation:

  • Vendors
  • Bankers
  • Trade References
  • Partners
  • Registered Agents
  • Neighboring Business
  • Business Affiliates
  • Other Parties

Unlike conventional approaches that use letters and phone calls only, we prepare to dispatch personnel the very first day to put boots on the ground creating a more captive audience and improved collection posture. Only with this proper intel and leverage will we begin to negotiate for balance in full on the client's behalf.



Debt Recovery

We adhere to all FDCPA regulations nationally maintaining an outstanding rating with the Better Business Bureau.

ABSC is compliant with all requirements to collect consumer debt including:

  • Truth In Lending Act
  • Responsible/Non-responsible Party for Minors
  • ACA Code of Conduct
  • FCRA

It's important to select a reputable firm, because the agency then becomes the client's sole representative and consumer debt recovery is a highly regulated process subject to various federal and state laws.

Our procedures conform to the ethics and dignity of the client's profession and the client has final say on the disposition of any consumer account.




Creditors are often reluctant to place customers into collection for fear of shrinking their customer base. For those clients, ABSC offers the Professional Audit.

We have the manpower and experience to provide a professional recovery experience for active clientele, while helping clients better manage cash flow, detect potential problem accounts sooner and avoid the expense of hiring additional staff.

Your customers appreciate consistency and professionalism. Through the use of our professional auditors slow paying customers begin paying down their outstanding balances and continue to place new orders with a better understanding of how you do business.

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ABSC understands the need for fast and accurate information when considering credit requests. Although it's unwise to risk substantial amounts for the cost of a better-faster report, convenience often prevails and bad decisions are made. We offer several cost-effective reports ranging from basic verifications to exhaustive corporate investigations detailing the most intimate information available on a company or it's members. Why take the risk? Our reports are completed within 3-5 business days.

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting." ― Sun Tzu




As the situation dictates we will do the necessary Legal Forwarding. Initially a 13-point financial profile is prepared. If the profile is positive we'll recommend suit and our attorney network allows us to sue in throughout North America. The client is updated and consulted on all stages of the litigation process as we attempt a speedy resolution through motions of default and summary judgments.

  • National Coverage
  • Contingency Fee Based Suits
  • $3.5 million Bond per case




In many cases the last step is to collect on a judgment or award through the post-judgment collection process. As with pre-judgment accounts, recovery requires the combination of collection professionals and local counsel. Prior to issuing writs of execution, garnishing wages/accounts or seizing property, the defendant's assets must be found.

Where attorneys are experts at winning the case, ABSC has specially trained investigators to relieve the attorney of labor-intensive asset searching. This combination creates a powerful result increasing the client's recovery success significantly.

Debt Recovery Techniques and Services Lead to Success


It's been said that in life it takes one to know one, and the collection industry is no exception. ABSC fosters client confidence through comprehensive reporting and fast/accurate remittance. Following is a list of reports available to every ABSC client. Each one is specifically designed to enhance our client's ability to better control the flow of information.

  • 24/7 Real-Time Client Access
  • Account Rate Acknowledgements
  • Same Day Collection Notices
  • Monthly Account Status Reports
  • Comprehensive Annual Reports
  • Spin Down Reports
  • Batch Reporting


ABSC clients also have options when it comes to billing. All payments received by our firm are immediately deposited into a non-interest bearing Trust Account where the client can option to use any of the qualifying accounting methods:

  • Split Billing
  • Offset Billing
  • Gross Remittance
Payment and Remittance can be further broken down by client Region, Product Type or Business Segment. In each method we disburse client payments every
14-calendar days, helping them to better manage cash flow.


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